Tamara is Co-chair at Gordon Research Seminar on ProteinsBiology, Chemistry and Physics of Protein Structure and Function

Conference Description.

Protein science is a rapidly evolving area of research due to advances in both experimental and computational technologies that are providing unprecedented high-resolution structures together with new insights into mechanisms and functions. With the purpose of creating an interdisciplinary environment focusing on cutting-edge problems in protein research, the 2019 Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) on Proteins will bring together students and postdocs that study proteins in cellular environments through the lens of cellular, biophysical, chemical, and computational methodologies.

Session topics of the 2019 GRS are Protein-folding (Design, Dynamics, Mechanisms); Protein-stability (Conformational Switching, Allostery, Dynamics of Large Proteins); Protein-signaling (Protein-Protein Interactions, Bioenergetics, Design); Protein-evolution (Biosynthesis Pathways, Degradation, Aggregation). We welcome applications about Protein topics not listed in this preliminary program and new ideas for session topics. A senior scientist will deliver a keynote lecture.

On Saturday night, there will be a informal event (attendance is optional) in which participants are paired, and then re-paired every few minutes, with a complementary partner (e.g. experimentalists with computationalists, and representative of different sub-disciplines in protein research) to teach each other about their science.